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How we stay environementally conscious

We recognise the time has passed to simply talk big about eco-friendliness. Now is the time for action.


Running, in and of itself, is fundamentally an environmentally conscious activity. And that, in its simplicity, is how we approach our sustainability as a company.


Less Outsourcing


Limiting Plastic


More Paper

We understand the impact that outsourcing has on our society. It requires more transport, fuel and as a result, increases carbon footprint. As such, we try to keep as much of our manufacturing process as humanly possible to be completed in the UK by UK-based companies. We will only ever outsource when this is not possible, for items that can’t currently be made in the UK.

Plastic is rubbish – unfortunately, quite literally. That’s why we opt for more cardboard and paper-based materials instead. We’re proud to declare that we use no plastic in our packaging, with all of our cardboard being both recyclable and created with the planet first in mind.

We could’ve used a completely paper instruction manual in our product boxes. But why use so much paper? Instead, we include a small card with a QR code which when scanned takes you to a completely digital Quick Start Guide. Less paper, less waste.


Carbon Neutral Delivery


Always getting better

We choose to deliver through our fulfilment partners, DPD, who run a vigorous reduction programme to ensure that every delivery made is carbon neutral and minimise emissions across the country. Find out more about DPD’s carbon-neutral plan here.


We are also in the process of research and development of STRIDESENSE to constantly reevaluate the materials we use for the product. From the hardware we use to create STRIDESENSE, to its textiles and packaging, we are always exploring more eco-friendly and resourceful materials to make sure we create a product that’s as environmental as possible.

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