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Coaching plans
with a

Pro stride analysis and training programmes to maximise your STRIDESENSE experience

Get accurate gait analyses online

The online training programme that analyses technique

With STRIDESENSE, you can measure your full stride simply from your smartphone, giving you complete access to pro-run-lab level data at the touch of a button. 

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Insights from

accredited coaches

Get unrivalled insight into the way you run

Analyse your gait in real-world scenarios, outdoors or indoors. No more need for expensive treadmill set-ups or limits on testing different environments – with STRIDESENSE, you can track and measure your running from anywhere.




Once you pick a plan we'll send you a STRIDESENSE kit and get you set-up.

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You'll get an initial chat where you'll meet your coach and go over your goals, running experience and background.

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Using your STRIDESENSE data and information from the initial chat, you'll receive a tailored monthly training plan. We'll then continue to support you and make monthly adjustments to your plan, ensuring you reach your goals.  

A coach in
your pocket

Wherever you run, your STRIDESENSE coach follows

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Want to understand more from your STRIDESENSE gait and stride analyses? We offer a range of coaching options for athletes who want more feedback, support and guidance with their running, giving you more knowledge to power your movement.

"I’ve always wanted to look into my technique and get a better understanding of my gait and movement. STRIDESENSE itself is great for that, but the coaching plans really helped me to get the most out of the product. I feel a far better runner and much more confident in my abilities."

Barry Taylor


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