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We’re proud to assist runners of all kinds in their development. We aim to work with runners and help get the absolute best out of their performance with every run.

We are proudly represented by the following runners who use STRIDESENSE in their training to advance their performance.


John Wood

John Wood is a vastly experienced triathlon coach and competitor, with over 10 years worth of triathlon experience and an excellent background in swimming. With over 25 years of knowledge and experience and involvement in high-level competitions at both National and International levels, John is one of the best in his field and a huge asset to our company.  

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Rob Pope

Rob Pope is a distance runner and numerous world record holder, well known for completing the Forrest Gump run in 2016 - a journey that saw him recreate the famous route taken by the film’s protagonist across the USA. The run saw Pope complete over 15,700 miles in just 416 days, in which he became the first person to cross the United States four times on foot.

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Jez Allinson

Donning the iconic Stormtrooper costume with each race,  Jez began his intergalactic running project back in 2016 as a low profile, one-off charity run, which later snowballed into a whole host of marathons, races, challenges and events – and all in the name of charity.

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Trina Dawkins

Blogger and Instagrammer, Trina Dawkins, is a vital cog in the online running community who has competed in a number of marathons since 2015. Her dedicated running blog, ‘Trina Runs’, is a wonderful record of her journey as a runner that consistently champions a happy, healthy and active life for all runners.

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Jonny Hopkins

The 26-year-old distance runner and founder of JH Coaching is one of the UK’s top middle-distance runners. Jonny has built a career in athletics having represented Wales at the Commonwealth Games 2018 in Queensland and won multiple Gold and Bronze medals at a number of athletic events across the UK and Europe including the European Athletics Festival and BUCS Championships.

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