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Attis Fitness began in 2016 with a mission to change the running world for the better. 


We believe that gait analyses should be affordable, simple to understand, and – most importantly – accessible to every running professional, be it for an athlete, a coach, or a business. 


Currently, sports labs make conducting a gait analysis a needlessly complex experience, with cost, access, and difficulty often cited as problems running professionals face,  but we’re here to change all that.


At Attis, we believe that running professionals should be able to complete gait analyses simply without splashing lots of cash or needing extensive knowledge of intricate, tricky-to-nail-down technology. 


So, to combat this, we set out to provide a cost-effective, easy solution to inaccessible sports labs by condensing one into a simple wearable we call STRIDESENSE. That way, you could analyse running gaits from anywhere in the world – not just hard-to-access sports labs – and gain insight into performance from real, outdoor runs, and not just from a treadmill as is traditionally the case.


Now, we work to help running coaches, clubs, athletes and businesses around the world to maximise output and learn from their runners' habits and imperfections. With STRIDESENSE, you can work towards peak performances and ease the risk of injury, all at the touch of a button.


We are Attis Fitness, and we’re advancing human performance.

Tim Elizondo, 

Founder & CEO

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