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Five sensors. One app.

The best gait analysis in a wearable ever.

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Condensing the power of a sports lab in a compact device, STRIDESENSE offers metric-based data that no other wearable gait system on the market can offer.


Unlike traditional sports labs, STRIDESENSE makes conducting regular gait analyses a simple, cost-effective, and easily accessible experience.


By condensing a sports lab into a simple wearable, running professionals can now analyse running gaits from anywhere in the world – not just hard-to-access sports labs – and gain cutting-edge insight into performances from real, outdoor runs, and not just from a treadmill.


By taking data straight from your leg movement via five motion-tracking sensors, STRIDESENSE offers a wide range of unique running metrics including stride contact angle, kickback and knee elevation.


Our technology helps runners worldwide to be more efficient in their running style and improve technique by providing detailed feedback and guidance to help runners be the best that they can be.

Why STRIDESENSE was created

STRIDESENSE was created with the goal of cutting through the world of data-driven running tech to help runners get the best understanding of their gait, to aid performance advancement and injury prevention. 


As such, we strive to ensure running specialists can offer quality gait analyses to any client, anywhere, with an easily accessible app that allows for data to be gathered from real runs, not just on a treadmill.


As a company of running enthusiasts, we are dedicated to using high-end technology to help running specialists provide professional gait services at a fraction of the cost of traditional run labs, with an easier-to-understand interface and a greater pool of data collection across the user’s whole stride.

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